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An American Fr. Charles J. Young CSC founded The Christian Co-Operative Credit Union Ltd. Dhaka on July 3, 1955. According to the Co-Operative Act 1940, it was registered in 1958 and registration no is 42/1958. Its head office

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Dhaka Credit going ahead with the dreams of almost 40 thousand Members. Vision-2020 has been set in Feb 2017 through the 5th three years strategic plan. Under the Vision, Dhaka Credit will be 900 Crore & 1,000 Employees by


Dhaka Credit has a lot of achievement. Dhaka Credit has immense contributed to the country and Christian society in many ways. In Credit Movement, Dhaka Credit is playing a significant role in Bangladesh including South

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Need Savings for a bright future. Dhaka Credit introduced various Savings Products for the convenience of the

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The Christian Co-Operative Credit Union Ltd. Dhaka have designed various Deposit Products to service Members

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To support the continued efforts of intensive Members, Dhaka Credit has introduced various Loan Products on

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Very close to the modern city of Purbachal, just 20 minutes drive from Dhaka City. Welcome to the Green Lawn

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চাইল্ড কেয়ার

We are First World Class Child Care & Education Center in Bangladesh! And Open for all. We are waiting for you!

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সমবায় বাজার

Bid for us to buy quality and fair prices Product. Chose Dhaka Credit Samabay Bazar for your daily essential

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সিকিউরিটি সার্ভিস

Dhaka Credit runs a Security Service that supplies Security Guards, both of Male & Female to National

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Simultaneous Education Is Our Goal’Our Self-Reliant Country Is Our Dream, In front of this target, Dhaka Credit Union

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কালচারাল একাডেমি

Dhaka Credit started a Cultural Academy on 17 January, 2009 for cultural development of the growing

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With a view to provide the Housing facilities to the Members, Dhaka Credit had built four buildings, Such as Mirpur,

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Dhaka Credit introduced the Online News Portal named ‘dcnewsbd.com’ in Bengali. Its Goal & Objectives are to

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Dhaka Credit has started journey of an internet-based Television network named ‘dctvbd.com’. Global audience

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Dhaka Credit has started Two Girls’ Hostel for the Female Students coming from remote villages for Higher

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Sound Health is the key of success! Sound mind depends on sound body. For conscious health awareness Dhaka

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Dhaka Credit has its own Ambulance Service for Members & their Families’ emergency needs. This service has been

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